I was born in Slovenia and lived there until I finished my bachelor studies of librarianship and information science. After a first year of my book publishing Masters degree studies I moved to Finland in 2011 to start study again in a new field – design. In 2013 I graduated from book publishing, and currently I am writing my design thesis.

It all started with my hobbies. As a child I a had vivid imagination. I drew a lot, made my own songs before I knew how to write, and when I learned that I began to write books. My writing never stopped and currently I am creating a story in a fantasy world.

I started to listen to The Beatles when I was 7 and loved music ever since. I played piano as a child, and later, when I was 15, electric guitar. I was a member of a rock band for a year and composed some songs, which is my hobby still, along with playing guitar.

I always enjoyed good paintings and liked art history, as well as I sought the beauty in everything visual around me. When I began to study design I started to draw and paint again, and found out I really like it.

Other than my interests in art fields I am a traveller who wants to see the world. I like to bike, sometimes missing for few weeks to see new places that way. I am a vegetarian, a thinker and a dreamer.


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