Thailand Part 1: Bangkok, Khao Sok and Koh Tao

Well, our meeting with Jesse was great. It feels really good to be together again.

As we came to Bangkok first day we did nothing else but chill in the hostel and try to avoid heat and humidity outside. The next two days we discovered a small part of the big city, so the places said to be the most interesting. We saw a couple of temple complexes in typical Thai architecture style and took a stroll around. We went around with the express river boat which is the best transportation method. However, we skipped the shopping part, which they say is an important part of the city. Well, we are not so much into it and also the whole big city thingy, so we were happy to go forward the third day.

Our next destination was Khao Sok national park on south of mainland Thailand. We stayed in stone bungalows with a lovely view on the almost vertical sloped mountains and surrounded with jungle plants and trees. It was hot, but much more bearable than Bangkok. We took a one day guided tour to national park, going with a boat on a lake with those interesting mountains and then walking through the jungle and into a cave. It was really nice, however, no one told us how to wear or what kind a shoes to take. At the end I took my hiking boots (since I have otherwise just flip-flops with me, and we went on some walking), but then I had to walked across rivers with them with water up to my knees, and the last part into a cave that was actually so much filled with water that we had to swim at some points. They needed three days on the sun afterwards to dry. When I bought them they warned me not to dry them like that, but I soon realized it is this or they will get moldy.

Afterwards we headed towards Surat Thani and from there to Koh Tao island where we are currently chilling in bamboo bungalow with a great view on the sea, swimming, drinking beers and cocktails and eating great Thai food. At some point we will go also snorkelling to see all the colourful fishes down there. Today is a full moon party in an island nearby, but we decided to skip it. If you haven’t heard about it yet, google. We got too old for this stuff 😀

P.S.: Photos from this trip will follow when we come back home since now I depend on Jesse, who has a better camera. Unfortunately no cable to transact them to computer :/ The one on the top is our current view from a restaurant on Koh Tao.


4 thoughts on “Thailand Part 1: Bangkok, Khao Sok and Koh Tao

    1. Now that is off-season is actually really quiet here. So if you aren’t into parties June seems a great time to go on the islands! And it’s not rainy at all here (but as far as I read it can be on the Andaman coast) 🙂


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