Tadapani – Pokhara

As the clouds in Tadapani moved away another gorgeous view opened. From the village was a good view on Annapurna South and Machapuchtare. The next morning I did the rest of the trek, in a single day (I was counting on 2). First hour one dog that was waiting on the path in a forest followed me, all the way to the next village. She always stopped and waited for me. I still don’t know where she was from, but I am sure she found her way home afterwards. It was nice to have her company though.

The day went really fast and around 4 PM I was back in Birethanti, nearby from where I started the trek. The village lies by a fast mountain river and I decided to stay there still for one night before going back to Pokhara.


The guest house where I was staying in Tadapani


As the clouds went away the beautiful view opened on north



The path continued through the forest. It is fascinating how the nature changes with the altitude and even from valley to valley!


That’s how the use a volleyball field up there


A village called Ghandruk. I really like those stone houses (they are seen all around in the mountains)


First I was planning to go back on a path on the hill across, but then I saw this, so I was like “nope”. Can you see the small path  leading to the village? I would need to go first all the way down to the river, and then up again.


Terraces up on the hills


They were making handmade paper here

69One more landslide, the consequence of the earthquake


The river valley


And at the bottom


Some people turn soil on fields with hands, some with animals


Lovely Birethanti where I spent my last night on mountains


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