Working on a farm in Pokhara

I came to Pokhara with super full and uncomfortable bus on Monday afternoon. Well, it was cheap. I went straight to Ashok, my host’s, place. Since then I am living with the family together with a pair from USA. We are helping with the animals – cows and buffalos that they are keeping for milk, picking vegetables and making a roof for a green house. I noticed I have too soft hands for such work (we have no gloves, of course), and I got already cut few times when taking straw. Other than that the hardest part is to be on the hot sun at daytime (the work isn’t really difficult otherwise), but the least enjoyable part is probably cleaning the animals’ shelter. However, the work is interesting and the family is really nice. We went on a walk around the place with our host to see the beautiful places around. Already the view from the farm is great – since we are on a hill we can see the whole Pokhara under. But if we walk just on the top of the hill we can see the whole Annapurna mountain range – all 7000 m or higher peaks.

Overall, I like it here. The time also finally started to move faster and I am not so afraid anymore. I will stay and help here still for around a week, and after that I can go on a short trek to Poon Hill (around 3300m high), the place that people said is one of the best on the whole Annapurna circuit. I will need around 5 days for it, and that should be just fine for now, also considering the earthquake. At least I can do some trekking then. And after that I will have just few more days left in Nepal, and I still have to act tourist down there in Pokhara, around the lake.

Oh, how hippie music fits here.


A girl from the guest house in Besisahar and a puppy dog. Had to take photo before I went!


Bus to Pokhara on the beginning of the journey. No worries, it was completely full (meaning that people were standing in the middle) even before we were out of Besisahar!


A view to the main host’s house from my balcony. Underneath are cows and buffalos that the family is keeping for milk, and down, on the left, they have green houses and gardens.


A view from the farm to Pokhara. Here you see just a bamboo structure for green house, but now we already put a plastic roof on.


A view from the top of our hill. On the other side is a nice view on the Annapurna mountain range, but just in the morning. I’ve been to lazy for now to wake up at 5 to see it. But some day for sure!

23The view, again


And the view to Pokhara lake from a hill nearby the farm.


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